The Kicknet 2-4 Modules

701.00 inc. VAT

Metalu Plast is the manufacturer of the Kicknet soccer tennis net.  It is a very playful net made of white powder-coated steel, very quick to install, for professional or amateur soccer clubs, tennis clubs or school centers.

The free-standing steel structure is very robust and modular. It is possible to remove or add modules.

On each side of the net, a space of 28 x 40 cm is available to stick stickers and offer a communication support.


  • Height of net: 65 cm and 105 cm
  • 2 modules, width: 2 m – Weight: 22 kg
  • 3 modules, width: 3 m – Weight: 30 kg
  • 4 modules, width: 4 m – Weight: 38 kg

Ref: FB06N100


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