Street Socoer

The Street soccer pitch is a free access 5-a-side soccer playground. Its square posts structure and its grating infill offers a perfect flatness of surface, which allows to play with the bounce on the sides like soccer 5.

The access is arranged by the side of the goal through a half-grid or a rotating PRM, which prohibits the entry of mopeds into the playing area. The street soccer pitch is a pure urban enclosure, dedicated to a playful practice in full safety.


  • Pediments from 12 m to 25 m
  • Side from 17 m to 39 m


  • One piece front frame 3 x 2 m in 80 x 80 mm galvanized steel, powder-coated
  • Rear of the goals : 4 grating panels in hot raw galvanized steel
  • Goal 1 – 2 full grating panels in hot raw galvanized steel
  • Goal 2 – version 1 – 1 full grating panel in hot raw galvanized steel, and 1 rotating PRM in galvanized steel, powder-coated in RAL textured
  • Goal 2 – Version 2 – 1 full grating panel and 1 half grating panel.


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