Spectator Railings

Our spectator railings are available in a number of different configurations. Posts and rails are made of hot galvanized tube, plastic-coated sendzimir or plastic-coated aluminium.

We supply & install the following spectator railings options:

  • Spectator rails with welded wire mesh – dB Lock
  • Spectator rails with welded wire mesh – dB Stop
  • Spectator rails with simple twist wire mesh
  • Spectator rails without infill

These posts are Ø 60 mm with a 2 mm width. The assembly of the spectator rails is made using assembly tees in single block or half moulded aluminium. Screws or rivets allow to fix the tees.


  • Height above ground: 1.1 m
  • Width between posts: 2.5m to 3m
  • Depth of sealing: 0.40m-0.50m


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