Soccer 5 Removable

The Soccer 5 Removable is a simple and robust freestanding structure to be installed on a flat surface. Delivered in kit form, the 2m modules can be assembled and disassembled without tools. * Delivered as a kit, it could be mounted in 2 h by 4 persons (non contractual) without tools (except goals).

Standard area size:

playing area 20.7 x 11.4 m and total size 22.8 x 13.4 m.

The 2 m independent modules are interchangeable.

They can be installed on the sides or on the front sides to modify the playing area.

  • Total height 3 m
  • Ball-stop posts and structure in hot galvanized steel
  • 2 football goals 3 x 2 m with 100 mm mesh net
  • Access through pivoting side doors on the goals. Allows the passage of people with reduced mobility with a maximum width of 905 mm.
  • Glissnot panels with galvanized steel bars to be fitted on the posts
  • Ball-stop net in 120 mm PE mesh, knotted with 2,5 mm wire, 2 m height, positioned around the ground above the panels
  • Glissnot pathway around the playground
  • Provided with 2 transport trolley

Options :

  • HDPE side panels
  • Other area sizes available on request


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