Multisport Outdoor BASE Line Scoreboards

Our BASE Line scoreboards are used in Gaelic, Rugby, Soccer and Field Hockey.

They represent the functions playing time (above), period (middle) and score (below) and can therefore also be used for other sports that require these three functions. The BASE Line is permanently inscribed (home/guest).

Performance characteristics

  • The outdoor scoreboards are available in two sizes – 300 and 450mm character height. Depending on the height of the characters, the reading distance varies between 150 and 225 meters.
  • Control either with the small control panel “Funk Easy” or the more extensive control panel “Outdoor control panel Touch” (wireless or cable connection)
  • Protection against dust and water (IP 54)
  • Extra bright LEDs with automatic brightness control
  • Life expectancy of 100,000 hours continuous use.

Models available

  • Multisport Outdoor BASE 300
  • Multisport Outdoor BASE 450
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