National League Football Pack

4,095.00 inc. VAT

National League Football Pack includes

  • 2 no 11-a-side aluminium goals Maracana, Ref.FB04N511: White powder-coated aluminium posts and crossbars Ø 102 mm
  • Net 2 knotless net Ø 4 mm – square mesh 120 mm, Ref.112FBBULL102W
  • Nylon hooks clipped on the frame to hold the net + sandow
  • Net lifting system 2 net lifting systems with tensioners, Ref. FB040608
  • Rear masts 4 competition rear masts Ø 50 mm with tensioners, Ref. FB040624
  • Corners poles 4 spring back corner poles with sockets and rubber connectors, Ref. FB040914
  • Sockets for posts and rear masts

Ref: FB04N001


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