Foldable Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal

Foldable Wall-Mounted Basketball Goal

  • Plastic-coated steel tube structure Ø 60 mm
  • 2 steel tube braces Ø 27 mm for upper attachment of the goal to ensure stability
  • Rectangular steel tube frame 50 x 30 mm: the same size as the board
  • Standard overhang from the wall to the backboard, from 1.5 m to 4.5 m
  • Operating stick used to fold a goal blocked in playing position by unlocking it
  • Goal delivered with all accessories, excluding backboard, ring and net
  • Basic structure + fixed head, Ref. BC030102-FIXE
  • Base structure + combined head (2.6 and 3.05 m), Ref. BC030102-COMB


  • Foldable on wall
  • Suitable to various supports

Ref: BC030102-FIXE


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