Ball Stop Netting Rectangular Posts

These ball stop netting rectangular posts are made of plastic-coated sendzimir steel and are available from 6 to 15 m height.

The flats, pulleys, rings and links are welded on posts.

The depth of the direct sealing depends on the height of the post above ground.

The struts of this ball stop netting is made of plastic-coated galvanized steel like the spacer bars.

The number of spacer bars depends on the height of the ball stop netting.

The custom-made net is an optional equipment, you can also ask to fit the lower part, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


  • Height above ground: 6 to 10 m / 11 to 15 m
  • Depth of sealing: 1 m / 1.5 m
  • Posts section: 180 x 80 mm


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