11m Aluminium Hinged Rugby Posts

11m Aluminium Hinged Rugby Posts by Metalu Plast. We offer a range of rugby goals with hinges. They are available in steel or aluminium with a 8 or 11 m height above ground. The 4 steel hinges fixed on the lower part of the posts should be slided into aluminium sockets.

The posts are in two parts, and the connection is made by sleeving from the upper part to the lower part.

Contact our customer service to find out which configuration is best suited to your project: height / hinge.


  • Height above ground: 8 m / 11 m
  • Height ground/above crossbar: 3 m
  • Width between the posts: 5.6 m
  • Embedding: 0.8 m
  • Weight with hinges (per pair): depends on the model

Ref: RU070112M-C


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