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Today, when a customer chooses the DUOL Team, every aspect of their air-supported structure project will benefit from 30 years’ experience and unsurpassed professionalism. By staying focused on attending to even the smallest details while providing outstanding service, expert technical sales support and follow-up, plus all the latest technological advances, DUOL has earned a reputation as the most trusted name in the air dome industry.

Turn-key construction projects can be ready for use in less than 3 months and are completed at a significantly lower cost per square meter than any conventional building. The combination of the latest materials and technologies used in DUOL air domes offers you low operating costs and a comfortable playing or controlled storage conditions inside the structure, regardless of the weather.


Air domes provide great flexibility and can be used as a seasonal, permanent or temporary covering. Our structures are designed, manufactured and built to meet any local building codes and are able to withstand heavy snow, high or low temperatures and high winds in all types of environments.

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With DUOL Air domes from Sports Hall Solutions, you can enjoy a versatile, durable, and reliable solution that meets your needs, while also providing benefits for the environment.

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